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PEGS (Potential Excelerate Group Synergy) is a subsidiary of PEGH and C&D Renergy that focuses on green retail generation business. At the moment, our focus is in the investment of rooftop Solar PV for all retail customers.

PEGS (Potential Excelerate Group Synergy) offers a solution for customers interested in solar PV self-generation and selling the excess of solar energy under the Net Energy Metering Scheme (NEM).

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You can save the environment and your money at the same time.

By adopting solar, you can harness the sun’s limitless resources to generate your own renewable energy while lowering your electricity bills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Harvest Energy at
Every Sunrise

Solar energy is a solid source of energy for ensuring energy sustainability because it is infinite and cleaner.

Possibility of Lowering
Electricity Bills

Solar is free when compared to other traditional fuels, and you can save cost on power by self-generating for your own use.

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Help Save The Environment

By creating cleaner and greener energy, you can make a significant contribution to mitigating global warming.