FAQ for Residential Solar PV Installation



I’m interested in installing it for my house but I don't know what the right size is. Please advise.
For domestic or residential consumers, the allowable maximum capacity of the PV system installed is 12 kWp for a single-phase system or 72 kWp for a 3-phase system. However, in recommending the right size for your house, we will calculate based on your bill or monthly consumption. Next, we will check the size of your rooftop that’s available for panel installation.The last step is to affirm the system size by conducting a site assessment in which we measure your rooftop and consider the condition of the roof.
I want to pay cash for my solar PV installation. How much is your package?

At the moment, our package price ranges from RM18,900 (for 3kWp) to RM78,800 (for 15kWp) for an outright purchase. Please register your interest on our website here.

I already installed Solar PV under the FIT scheme. Can I still participate in NEM?

Yes, you can as long as the total installed capacity is not more than 12kWp for a single-phase or 72kWp for a 3-phase system.

How much can I save on my electricity bill?

It depends on your monthly bill, consumption pattern and the size of the installation. Indicative numbers can be derived from the saving table as shown in our brochure.

How much is the minimum bill or energy consumption that makes it viable to install solar?

Our smallest system size is 3kW and that corresponds to a minimum bill of about RM90. To know how much you can save vs. how much does the solar PV system cost, you may refer to our brochure. You can then decide whether or not to install a Solar PV system based on the savings and the investment required.
Besides cost considerations, it also depends on your motivation. One who is interested in being a green prosumer to generate clean energy might opt for the installation despite having to pay more than the savings achieved with the Solar PV system.

How can I install a solar PV system for my house?

Take these simple steps to own your Solar PV system:

Register your interest and contact us now at info@pegh.com.my 

  • Provide us with the Google image of your house (and mark/circle the house) to help us locate your rooftop
  • We will take approximately 1 to 2 weeks to do a study and submit a proposal/quotation to you
  • If you agree with the quotation, sign the acceptance part and return it to us (via email is sufficient)
  • Our team will arrange for installation in which we will finalize the size based on the site assessment
  • Pay us (for outright and credit card) and we will install the system right away.

For a personal loan, we will only install once we receive the payment from your bank.

I prefer the residential packages where I won't be burdened with a high full upfront cost of ownership.

You could opt for the easy payment packages by selected credit card providers or personal loan that offers quite an attractive rate.

Can I put a down payment and opt for an instalment plan? Say for a 5kw system, I put down RM10k, then lease for another 10 years at a reduced amount?

Definitely! You can put a down payment and reduce your monthly instalment. We are flexible.

What is the rate of return on my investment?

Comparison of total investment vs. savings indicates a simple payback period of between 7-8 years.

Do you provide any solar installation packages for residences in Sabah or Sarawak?

At this moment, not yet.

What is the size of the installation for my house?

For a typical house in Malaysia, the size ranges from 2kW to 12kW. To understand how many panels or how big system size can be installed on our rooftop: for every 1kW, it requires 3 panels with a total size of 6sqm. Each panel is 2mx1m (2sqm).

I have a house with a large roof area. Can I utilize the whole roof?

Depends on the type of roof. If you have a flat roof, very likely most of the space can be utilized for solar PV. However, if you have a pitched roof, utilizing the whole roof area might not be productive since solar PV generation in Malaysia is optimized by facing south at a certain tilt angle. There are also installations facing east/west in the country. In conclusion, installation sizing should depend more on your consumption to be in line with the NEM spirit of consumption first.

Can I oversize my installation beyond the recommended size? Let’s say the recommended size is 8kWp but I want to install a 10kWp system?

Yes, you can. For residential, the maximum size is 12kW for single-phase and 72kW for 3-phase. However, if you install more than your house consumption, you may run into the risk of not utilizing your credit and after 24 months, the credit (i.e. the amount of ringgit TNB owes you) will be forfeited. Therefore, it is advisable to install based on your consumption level. Read more about this from the SEDA website www.seda.gov.my

Can I use the credit from the excess solar energy to pay for the leasing monthly amount?

No. The excess energy generated by your Solar PV will flow to TNB Grid and with NEM you can get credit to further reduce your bill. The leasing arrangement is separate from NEM. You still have to pay for the leasing amount to PEGS while your credit under NEM goes straight to deduct the amount in your TNB Bill.

Do I need to insure my house for any hazard related to solar PV installation?

Yes, you are advised to insure your house against fire risk caused by solar PV installation. You may add a rider to your existing insurance policy.

Do you have any solutions for apartment installation?

We do not have a solution for individual apartments for now. However, we do receive a lot of interest from the Joint Management Body (JMB) which is responsible for the common areas of high-rise residences. We do have packages for the JMB that fall under the commercial tariff customers.