Package for Commercial & Industrial Solar PV Installation


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The cost of electricity can have a significant impact on the profitability of small and medium-sized businesses.

Commercial & Industrial

Invest in the success of your company.
By embracing solar, you may be seen as an ethical corporate citizen while also saving money in the long run.

Solar energy is a free source of electricity that may be used to power your business.

With the cost of running a business always rising, investing in solar is a wise decision that can save you money for years to come by offsetting your electricity costs with solar power. Demonstrating a dedication to environmental protection can also help your company & public image.

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Small and medium- sized enterprises

Electricity is frequently the most expensive aspect of running a small or medium business. With PEGS providing you with the best solution for lowering your electricity bill, you can now save money and invest it in growing your business.

Commercial Buildings

It was not just good PR to operate properly; it is indeed beneficial for business. Because solar generation provides a hedge against tariff spikes, going solar results in long-term savings. Using clean, renewable energy also demonstrates your commitment to decreasing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, a positive image is created.

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Malaysia has one of Asias largest manufacturing sectors. It also uses more energy than ever before and pollutes the environment. As the worlds population rises, its more important than ever to create only whats needed while conserving resources. Solar-powered manufacturing reduces production costs while also ensuring a more sustainable future for future generations.

Your customized energy design for your company.

We appreciate your concern about your operational expenditures, particularly the cost of power. As a result, we customized your solar system to help you save money on power. We also make sure that only the best equipment is chosen for your situation so that you may get the highest financial return on your investment.