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We provide the specific payment choices for you, whether your objective is to create enough energy for your home’s requirements, lower your monthly electricity bill, or increase the value of your property. You can buy it outright, use a credit card, take out a personal loan, or lease it.

PEGS aims to provide ease and flexibility of payment according to your needs.

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Installation Stages

PEGS offers full services from consultation to maintenance and monitoring

1. Free Consultation

  • Conduct Preliminary Study
  • Identify area and interconnection
  • Propose Tariff
  • Estimate savings
free consultation

2. Preliminary Study Presentation

  • PEGS to present to you
  • Your team to indicate YES/NO
  • Proceed with discussion/negotiation of agreements
study presentation

3. Detail Study/ Design

  • On site detail study
  • Finalize the tariff
  • Finalize the contract period
detail study

4. Construction + O&M

  • Installation period depending on time and size: 1 week – 1 month
  • Free O&M by PEGS throughout contract period
  • For residential, we offer 2 years free maintenance

Key Features

*For outright purchase

key feature